The Best Home Based Business in America

Statistic shows that there is an imminent Real Estate Appraiser shortage which will translate into even higher fees for Real Estate Appraisers in the future. Now is the time to start the journey towards becoming a Real Estate Appraiser and this book is the perfect starting point for those desiring to enter into a field that the author considers as “The best home based business in America” The primary focus of the book is to guide the reader towards a career in Residential Real Estate Appraising.

The author has over 35 years of Residential Real Estate Appraisal experience, working primarily from a home base. The author has found the profession to be extremely suited to a home-based operation, without diminishing the highest standards of professional practice, quality of work, and the professionalism expected of the modern real estate appraiser. “The earth is the real estate and so long as it exists there will be a need for a Real Estate Appraiser”. (Author: Sharon P. Carson)

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